Big Animal Rescue

Big Animal Rescue

9 Episodes

All over Africa, wildlife veterinary experts risk their lives on a daily basis to protect some of our planets most endangered species. Driven by their passion for conservation and equipped with some of the most advanced drugs, like M99, they can dart and relocate some of the largest mammals alive.

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Big Animal Rescue
  • BAR01 - Operation Black Rhino

    Episode 1

    In the heart of South Africa’s Kwa Zulu Natal, a critical mission is underway to relocate a large number of highly endangered black rhinos to two new reserves. An operation this size relies on meticulous precision, execution and highly specialised tools- such as the use of the tranquilising drug ...

  • BAR02 - Giraffe Translocation

    Episode 2

    Game capture is a part of everyday life for game reserves and a vital part of conservation. Yet the process is potentially life threatening, particularly for the world’s tallest land mammal, a 20 ft giraffe. Working with these highly skittish creatures requires constant monitoring and the minimiz...

  • BAR03 - Hippo Translocation

    Episode 3

    Wildlife veterinarian, Brett Gardner, is called in to translocate two adolescent hippo bulls trapped in a shrinking dam with an overly aggressive dominant male. The move is fraught with danger as the animals consistently outwit their captors, chomping through lassos and submerging in the cover of...

  • BAR04 - White Rhino Dehorning

    Episode 4

    South Africa’s rhino population is under siege. Over the past nine years nearly 7 000 of the countries rhinos have been poached and often brutally killed for their horns. In a final and desperate bid to deter rhino poachers, conservationists are now performing dehorning operations to remove the h...

  • BAR05 - White Rhino Chipping

    Episode 5

    As the war against rhino poaching in Africa intensifies, conservationists are being forced to turn to ever more unique methods and innovative technologies in their bid to save the last of these endangered species. One approach is to insert a GPS microchip into a drilled hole in the horn. The chip...

  • BAR06 - Sable and Zebra Darting

    Episode 6

    Tranquilising an animal is always a potentially dangerous endeavour. But darting plays a vital role in conservation and species management. Whether it is to perform a check up on a heavily pregnant zebra mare, relocate animals or identify the breeding potential of majestic sable bulls, tranquilli...

  • BAR07 - Elephant relocation

    Episode 7

    In Central Malawi, a population of elephants in peril are being given a fresh start as a team of experts relocate the 72 animals in the most challenging translocation population to date. Threatened by ever increasing incidences of human and wildlife conflict, the elephants must be moved quickly i...

  • BAR08 - Cape Buffalo Research

    Episode 8

    Breeding in the South African game industry can be big business. But when you’re dealing with Cape Buffalo, an infamously temperamental member of the Big 5, it can be as deadly as it is lucrative. Hunter turned conservationist, Lindsay Hunt, is engaged in a pioneering project to breed disease fre...

  • BAR09 - Meerkat Rescue

    Episode 9

    The vast Kalahari Desert is home to one of the most endearing creatures on earth, the meerkat. The adorable nature of these animals has put them in high demand in the illegal pet trade, severely threatening their survival in nature. Solid Earth Founder, Elma Celeste Stafford and her husband are f...