Caught on Safari: Kruger

Caught on Safari: Kruger

5 Episodes

Get up close and personal with wildlife in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

Experience the thrill of lions on the hunt, a hyena feeding frenzy or an intimate encounter with an elephant family as it happens live, from the comfort of your couch. For one week South Africa’s Kruger National Park offers an unadulterated perspective of the area’s wildlife.

On location at Nwanetsi Concession at Singita, one of Africa’s preeminent safari game reserves housed inside Kruger National Park, Caught on Safari: Kruger beautifully captures the landscape, which is nestled among the Lebombo Mountains overlooking the African plain, and the Nwanetsi river. Through an insider’s peek into life at the reserve, we hear directly from the game rangers and wildlife trackers watching over Singita, and learn about Africa’s conservation issues.

This concession in the Kruger National Park represents one of Africa’s few territories where large pride of lions thrive, along with many other species including buffalo, leopard, white and black rhino, cheetah and elephant, among others. November in the park marks the beginning of summer, bringing with it the birth of many young animals around the park including impala lambs. Cameras are set up at watering holes around the park and other locations to non-invasively capture animals at home in their environment and filming takes place both during the morning and the afternoon.

Wildlife correspondent Michaela Strachan, filmmaker John Varty and professional wildlife guide Andy Coetzee accompany us on this exciting adventure.

Caught on Safari: Kruger
  • KS02 - On the trail of a Leopard

    Episode 1

    John Varty and Leopard Researcher Nakedi track an elusive collared Leopard through the Kruger Park bushveld; Andy Coetzee learns about all the deadly snakes found in the Park.

  • KS03 - Kruger's Creepy Crawlies

    Episode 2

    John Varty visits a controlled bushfire; Andy Coetzee learns about all the spiders, scorpions and insects found in the Kruger National Park ; The team go on a bush drive and see Elephants and Rhino.

  • KS04 - Bush Survival

    Episode 3

    Andy Coetzee learns what it means to survive in the African Bush and then goes mud noodling for catfish; During the game drive, John Varty is lucky to see some Lions.

  • KS05 - Searching for the Big Five

    Episode 4

    Andy Coetzee goes bush foraging and then goes out with an ecologist to learn about the fascinating life of Dung Beetles; During the game drive, John Vary and Michaela sees Rhino, Elephant and Lion.

  • KS01 - The Singita Mega Lion Pride

    Episode 5

    John Varty finds the Lion Mega Pride, We follow Kruger National Park vets and researchers when they collar and release a Leopard.