Classic Wildlife

  • African River Goddess


    A young female crocodile sets her sights on the strongest male, but he's intent on attracting the older females. Patiently she waits, watching his mating ritual make the waters dance. Against the odds, she mates with him, but her babies are vulnerable to the other crocodiles. Can they survive or ...

  • Sense & Scentability


    For millions of years, herbivores and carnivores have competed in the race of evolution. Over time, they developed more and more specialised features, survival techniques and superior sensory abilities. They can see, smell and hear what we cannot, way beyond natural human experience. Telescopic v...

  • In the Shadow of Extinction: The Himalayan Brown Bear


    In the foothills of the Himalaya mountains in Pakistan, a remarkable conservation project is underway. The Himalayan Wildlife Project with help from renowned conservationists from South Africa sets out to save the critically endangered Himalayan Brown Bear.

  • The Silent Hunter


    Night and day, John Varty and his trusty ranger Elmon follow the life of an incredible leopard mother. The leopard is both a vicious hunter and a nurturing mother having successfully raised many cubs to adulthood. Over time they build the trust of the Leopard- she allows them into her own private...

  • Ambush in Paradise


    For millions of years, the annual migration in the Masai Mara has survived everything that the natural world has thrown at it. Wildebeest, Zebra and countless other species set off on this journey of enormous proportions to reach the greener grasses thousands of miles away. But the treacherous jo...

  • Hyena: The Great Opportunist


    Filmmaker John Varty examines the spotted hyena's social life and hunting ways and explains why this super predator is so often misunderstood.

    The Spotted Hyena has managed to hold its own amongst a savage world of competitive predators- but how does it achieve such a high status? The answer ...

  • The Musiara Marsh


    The Marsh Pride resides in the Musiara Marsh for most of the year but may move further north into the Mara North Conservancy when the Reserve's long grass leads to a scarcity of prey. The Marsh Pride is perhaps the most famous in the Masai Mara National Reserve.

  • Survival on the Savannah


    Two of Africa's 'Savannah giants'- the African Lion and the Cape Buffalo are on a collision course of epic proportions. An injured buffalo is one of Africa's most dangerous animals but for the lions of the Savannah taking down buffalo is in their genes. One wrong move and the hunter could become ...

  • Perfect Mothers, Perfect Predators


    Two of Africa's greatest predators -- the cheetah, who is the fastest sprinter in the world, and the leopard, a master stalker. We follow both mothers through the cycle of seasons as they raise their cubs and teach them to hunt and fend for themselves. The cubs watch and try to mimic their mother...

  • Shingalana the little hunter

    1 season

    Abandoned by her mother, a young lion cub is discovered by filmmaker John Varty and his companion Elmon. They delivered this helpless, little furball to wildlife writer Gillian Van Houten to raise. Life treated her badly from the moment she was born, raised by humans and killed by her own kind.

  • Swift & Silent


    A sequel to "The silent hunter", this classic film examines the threatened habitats and the three great predators: the jaguar, the leopard and the cheetah, of the great South American jungle, the Masai Mara grasslands of Kenya and the bushland of South Africa.