Dive Africa

Dive Africa

13 Episodes

A big continent is known for big animals, Africa underwater offers scuba divers big thrills. At the top is Egypt, the gateway to world class diving on the Red Sea’s coral reefs. At the bottom is South Africa where you find tropical reefs in the northeast and temperate rocky reefs in the west, including sites with the potential to see really big critters. In between, along with Africa’s vast coast, you’ll find scuba divers exploring amazing underwater seascapes. There are a lot of adventures to choose from when visiting Africa.

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Dive Africa
  • DA13 - Kuredo

    Episode 1

    Nothing says ‘scuba diving’ more than the Maldives! …. the numerous dive sites offer everything from colourful coral reefs, dazzling schools of fish on display, and up close and personal encounters with sea turtles. Friendly reef sharks can be seen cruising the waters around Kuredu and, if lucky,...

  • DA05 - Comores

    Episode 2

    Comoros is a place to drop off the face of the earth. If you enjoy diving in a marine park with pristine corals teeming with colourful fish, seeing turtles lay their eggs on the beach at night and hatchlings make their way to the sea at dawn’s first light look no further.

  • DA07 - Ponta Malongane

    Episode 3

    Ponta Malongane boasts to some of the most beautiful and diverse coral reefs in Southern Africa.

  • DA08 - Ponta D'Oura

    Episode 4

    Scuba Diving enthusiasts and beginners will be thrilled with Ponta do Ouro, Shark diving at Pinnacles reef, swim with wild dolphins or dive our superb tropical reefs.

  • DA02 - Zanzibar

    Episode 5

    Aquarium-like conditions combined with an array of macro and giant marine life makes Zanzibar one of the world's premier dive destinations.

  • DA06 - Protea Banks

    Episode 6

    Protea Banks - not for the boasts offering exceptionally exciting speciality shark dives, where divers can encounter sharks on scuba-like never before.

  • DA11 - Sodwana Bay

    Episode 7

    Lying within the boundaries of the Isimangaliso Wetland Park, Sodwana Bay provides the travelling diver with a vast array of unspoilt coral reefs populated with a huge diversity of Indo-Pacific fish & invertebrates. Sodwana at 1-10th the area of the Great Barrier Reef play home to 1200 species of...

  • DA12 - Aliwal Shoal

    Episode 8

    Aliwal Shoal has an abundance of soft corals, sponges, and hiding places. These have combined to attract over 1200 species of fish, as well as turtles, rays, sharks and Hump Back Whales. Aliwal Shoal has stunning marine life and is a very popular diving destination especially for its abundance of...

  • DA03 - Pemba

    Episode 9

    Pemba offer untouched reefs, with a wide variety of hard and soft corals, an abundance of tropical fish species, four species of dolphin and the most beautiful Nudibranchs

  • DA09 - Cape Peninsula

    Episode 10

    The Cape Peninsula offers some diverse and beautiful dive sites and is best known for its shipwreck and kelp forest dives, as well as dives with cow sharks and seals.

  • DA01 - Benguerra

    Episode 11

    Benguerra Island is the centre of the three biggest islands in the Bazaruto Archipelago. Its soft white beaches, crystal clear azure waters, colourful coral reefs, the lay-back atmosphere is awaiting your visit. A visit that will leave the body refreshed and soul replenished.

  • DA10 - Seychelles

    Episode 12

    Perhaps one of the most alluring characteristics of Seychelles is the clear turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean which surround the islands. The stunning topography of expansive reefs, walls, pinnacles, drop offs, wrecks and canyons make for one of the most diverse marine environments around, tee...

  • DA04 - Saint Marie

    Episode 13

    Once a haven for pirates and vagabonds, it is now a treasure island for those seeking palm-lined beaches, coral reefs and relaxation. Apart from offering some of the best scuba and snorkelling sites in the world, Sainte Marie is also a prime spot for whale watching.