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Watch this video and more on Lion Mountain TV

Fit for the Wild

FFW11 - Adapted to the Estuaries

Season 1, Episode 9 • 25m

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  • FFW04 - Adapted to the Coastline

    Where the ocean meets the African continent, the Cape fur seal leads a double life, depending on both land and sea to feed, breed and survive. As spring arrives, the pregnant females haul themselves onto the rocky shoreline to give birth and, almost immediately, mate again.

  • FFW13 - Adapted to the Mountains

    The Drakensberg is a mighty chain of peaks spanning South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho. Black eagles and cape griffon vultures rule the air, nesting on perilous cliff faces to avoid predators. However, agile baboons still find their way to the precariously placed nests. The rugged terrain demand...

  • FFW02 - Adapted to the Desert

    The only true desert in southern Africa is the most hostile and unforgiving of them all. No other African wildlife exhibits as much resourcefulness and flexibility as the desert elephants of the Namib, known to trek up to 400km for a precious drink of water.