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Watch this video and more on Lion Mountain TV

Most Amazing Animals

MAA01 - Banded Mongoose

Season 1, Episode 1 • 7m 37s

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  • MAA02 - Desert Voyager

    In the heart of the scorched Namibian desert lives a fast disappearing community of Africa’s largest land mammal, the desert adapted elephant. Only 30 desert voyagers still roam the Namibian dunes. How these great and thirsty giants survive in one of the most parched places on earth has remained ...

  • MAA03 - Ragged Tooth Shark

    Winter storms and turbulent waters trigger an ancient migration instinct in one of Southern Africa’s most mysterious creatures of the deep, ragged tooth sharks. Hundreds gather en mass at the reefs edge, eager to begin their 3 000 kilometre odyssey to breed and reproduce in the warmer waters towa...

  • MAA04 - Carmine Bee-eaters

    Each August thousands of carmine bee-eaters depart their winter feeding grounds in Kenya and fly over 12 000 treacherous miles to be one of the first to arrive at their breeding colonies in the Luangwa valley in Zambia. Before they migrate, the birds must bulk up on insects and greedily exploit t...