Kids Safari Oceans

Kids Safari Oceans

Our beautiful planet is truly a place of wonder – especially if you are 8 and 10 years old! Join Luca and his sister Melua on a wild journey of discovery as they explore some of the most spectacular places on earth! Armed with an insatiable sense of curiosity, our two young adventurers head off on a mission to learn about the fascinating animals that call these amazing places home. Journeying from the rolling savannahs of the African bush to the crystal clear waters of Africa’s two mighty oceans and the towering sand dunes of the world’s oldest desert, they find excitement, mystery and plenty of interesting characters at every turn!

The kids head to the southern tip of Africa for a heart-stopping journey along South Africa’s coast. Joining up with top researchers and marine biologists, they track the largest migration of animals on earth, as millions of sardine move like a dark shadow up the coast - followed by huge pods of dolphins, rafts of comical Cape fur seals and giant whales! They then head to Boulders Beach where they discover a colony of the most endearing South African residents – African Penguins!

Kids Safari Oceans

    Luca and Melua head off to the coastal waters of South Africa in search of all the fascinating creatures that call this region home. On their first leg, they visit Mossel Bay where they take a boat out to sea and encounter one of the oceans most ferocious animals – the Great White Shark.


    Luca and Melua venture to Lamberts Bay in search of one very special creature – the Cape Fur Seal. As the children scramble over the rocks they are met with the sight and smell- of a large seal colony. Fascinated by these dog-like sea creatures Luca and Melua set off to learn everything they can ...


    The kids meet up with ocean guide and marine expert Rainer Schimpf for a very special adventure! As they head towards open ocean, they keep their eyes peeled for a really exciting sight – the annual sardine run! Soon, they spot millions of little sardines swimming in huge shoals up the coast. Eno...


    The kids head to Boulders Beach to get up close and personal with Africa’s most endearing birds – African penguins! The kids spend the day wandering through the busy colony, watching as the adults waddle backwards and forwards from the chilly ocean to feed their fluffy – and always hungry chicks!...


    The Kids travel to Bird Island in Lamberts Bay, where thousands of Cape Gannets are gathering for the breeding season. These beautiful white birds have bright blue eyes and flock to the Island each year to meet up with their life partners to raise their chicks.