Parklife: Africa

Parklife: Africa

13 Episodes

A series of 13 x 30-minutes focussing on the people and wildlife of Kruger National Park in South Africa – how they manage to live and co-exist in what is one of the premier wildlife sanctuaries in the world. Each episode weaves several stories together, combining traditional wildlife filmmaking with on-the-spot verité. A cast of reoccurring characters gives viewers a link to what life and work in the park are like.

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Parklife: Africa
  • PL01 - Wild Animal Capture Course

    Episode 1

    Join vets from around the world as they come face to face with wild animals in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. Watch in suspense as they learn the dangerous art of animal capture from Park experts. Run to freedom with rare sable antelope, and join the team that made it happen.

  • PL02 - TB Lions & the Tuli Elephants

    Episode 2

    All is not at peace in Kruger National Park, South Africa. The King of the Beasts, the resident lion population, is under attack. An attack from an invisible enemy that will eventually threaten every one of the 2 000 lions that call Kruger home. By night, Wildlife Veterinarian Dewald Keet takes u...

  • PL03 - Flying Rhino over the Kruger Park

    Episode 3

    When rhino’s fly, desperate problems invite unusual solutions. This form of game capture is definitely not by the books! Meanwhile, Kruger National Park Rangers go fishing. Competing with crocodiles, for the catch of the day. And we find out which is heavier? The world’s largest land mammal or in...

  • PL04 - The Lost Lion & Rhino Down!

    Episode 4

    Meet the man who dances with lions in South Africa’s, Kruger National Park. And join him on a hunt for his missing feline friend. Share in the life and death struggle to save an injured rhino that collided with a truck. Before wrestling with the king of the beasts over an evening snack.

  • PL05 - Cybertracker & the Kruger Floods

    Episode 5

    Get dangerously close to wild animals with Kruger National Park’s Field Rangers. Join Section Ranger, Douw Swanepoel as he sneaks up on his favourite reptiles- the deadly Nile crocodile. Witness fires and floods, as nature unleashes her force and Kruger suffers its worst disaster in over 100 year...

  • PL06 - Buffalo Capture & Kruger's Wild Dogs

    Episode 6

    Fly with Kruger National Park’s renowned animal capture team as they lead a last ditch effort to save one of Africa’s buffalo herds from vicious poachers. In another area of the park, Africa’s most endangered carnivore, the African Wild Dog is in serious trouble. Kruger researchers are on the hun...

  • PL07 - Rhinos translocation to Australia

    Episode 7

    Animals are on the move in Kruger National Park, South Africa. 12 rhino get a one-way ticket to a cushy new life in Australia. While an unwanted guest, a 4 metre Nile crocodile, is about to be evicted from the village sewage pond. Neither species is too keen on giving up their hard-earned territo...

  • PL08 - Rogue Elephant Capture & Skukuza Kids

    Episode 8

    Rogue elephants make the worst neighbours! Join Kruger National Park’s Animal Capture Team on their mission to capture 14 delinquent elephant bulls that escaped the park, and bring them home. Then there’s Kruger two-legged wild children, let loose on summer vacation. But they’ll have to learn to ...

  • PL09 - TB Buffalo War & Alien Plants

    Episode 9

    Kruger National Park in South Africa is under attack from alien invaders. A stealthy microscopic killer, known as bovine tuberculosis, stalks the veld. But it’s true natural born killers- the pretty plants that destroy all in their path. Including the killer water lettuce that sucks the oxygen ou...

  • PL10 - Elephant Contraception & Kombela the Baby Rhino

    Episode 10

    Animals on the Pill? The wild elephants of Kruger National park in South Africa are part of a unique medical experiment. Follow Rangers and learn how they track them and treat them. Then, join in the battle to save an orphaned baby rhino. All before enjoying a WILD night safari with American phot...

  • PL11 - Roan & Zebra Capture

    Episode 11

    Serious physical danger is a constant threat of daily life for Kruger National Park’s officials. For her pilots, it’s whilst flying above a stretch of land known as Dead Man’s Curve. For her rangers, it’s on the ground as they search for snares and poachers in prime lion and leopard country. Fly ...

  • PL12 - Napi Walking Trail & Fire in the Kruger Park

    Episode 12

    Take a walk on the wild side and get dangerously close to some of Kruger National Park’s deadliest animals. Learn what to do when an elephant bull decides to show you who's boss. Then, Mother Nature herself gets a little too hot to handle! Join Kruger Rangers as they fight fire with fire

  • PL13 - Elephant Families & Wahlberg Eagles

    Episode 13

    Relocating elephants is always a family affair. Entire herds must be translocated together. Join Kruger National Park’s Game Capture Team as they safely get mothers and babies to a new Game Reserve. But, moving dad-the largest elephant ever caught in Kruger- is the real challenge. Then, stake out...