Secret Creatures

Secret Creatures

7 Episodes

An exclusive peek into the lives of the most secretive creatures of Africa. We delve into the shadowy existence of animals rarely seen, let alone captured on television. They are the Serval, Aardvark, Pangolin, Genet, African wildcat, Civet and Porcupine.

Secret Creatures
  • Secret Creatures : Porcupine

    Episode 1

    The Porcupine is probably the best known member of the Secret Seven. It is the biggest rodent in Africa and has black and white quills that it ejects when under attack. It sleeps during the day and eats plants, berries and bark at night.

  • Secret Creatures : Serval

    Episode 2

    A Serval crouches in the tall grass, eyeing a bird perched on a nearby shrub. Suddenly the wild cat bursts from her hiding spot and bolts toward the fowl.

  • Secret Creatures : The Civet

    Episode 3

    A Civet lives in forested woodland areas and is completely solitary. Its unique feature is its secretions, which are used for the musky smell in perfume.

  • Secret Creatures : Pangolin

    Episode 4

    The Pangolin has a tough, scaly body and very small eyes. It spooks extremely easily and rolls up into a ball if threatened. They also have very long tongues for eating ants and termites.

  • Secret Creatures : African Wildcat

    Episode 5

    This feline  looks just like a house cat, but is much bigger. It is also an extremely shy creature that hunts at night using long grass and dense bushes to camouflage itself from its prey.  It eats small animals but can kill small antelope.

  • Secret Creatures : Genet

    Episode 6

    This small cat-like animal is part of the Mongoose family. It’s a very agile animal and an excellent tree climber, hence they are usually found in mixed woodland areas.

  • Secret Creatures : Aardvark

    Episode 7

    This strange-looking creature can walk extremely in order to find food. Its main feature is its 30cm tongue, with which it eats ants and termites. The Aardvark hides itself during the day and searches for food at night.