Secret Creatures of Jao

Secret Creatures of Jao

7 Episodes

This magical series takes place deep in the heart of the Okavango Delta in Botswana. Isolated by water, a collection of secretive and mysterious creatures are imprisoned on the paradise island of Jao. After the brutal death of their leader, the resident troop of mongooses, ‘the Banded Brothers’, set out on an epic journey to find a new home. Follow the lives of these rare and captivating characters and the perils they face as the seasons change. Watch as new challenges present themselves and their fight for survival grows. Each episode will be full of feuding, scandal and intrigue, recreating a true depiction of real and rarely witnessed wildlife behaviour at its best.

Secret Creatures of Jao
  • SCOJ3 - Nosy Neighbors

    Episode 1

    The large spotted genet lives a solitary life. Always the nosy neighbour, Sefu spies on all the secrets and stories that unfold in the Woods. Out of the protection of the trees, Sefu heads down to the water’s edge to wash down his meal, unaware of Mansa, the resident crocodile lying in wait.

  • SCOJ5 - Royal Secrets

    Episode 2

    Maia leads the Banded Brothers to a clearing in the Wild Woods where an enormous banquet awaits. After teaching her son, Ringo a lesson in French cuisine, the troop suffer an aerial attack. Sefu leaves his treetop home in the search for food but gets more than he bargained for when he’s ambushed ...

  • SCOJ6 - Broken Boundries

    Episode 3

    As night falls on the island, the Quills awaken to a broken home. Dube has still not returned and Mbali and his young son are beginning to lose hope. Leaving the resident otter to sleep, Kima sneaks out to the waterways and heads back to her old riverside home, unaware the ‘Okavango Strangler’ aw...

  • SCOJ1 - Home Today, Gone Tomorrow

    Episode 4

    We join the first of our resident families, the Banded Brothers. Their search for breakfast ends in tragedy as the troop is savagely attacked by Makeda, the leopard of Jao. Without a leader and their home no longer safe, the Banded Brothers begin an epic adventure in the search for a new home.

  • SCOJ2 - Table Manners

    Episode 5

    The Banded Brothers are without their beloved leader and still without a home. Awaking in an unknown area of the island Maia continues to lead the troop on their adventure. With very little food available they are forced to venture to an area known as Predator Plains. Here they are bound to find ...

  • SCOJ4 - A Family Affair

    Episode 6

    At the fringes of the Wild Woods, Maia and the Banded Brothers awake in rather unfamiliar surroundings. Unconcerned with cleaning their new home, Ringo seizes the chance to sneak out, dragging his reluctant cousin, Adanna along for the ride. Excitedly, Ringo and Adanna wander deeper into the unkn...

  • SCOJ7 - A Scaled Attack

    Episode 7

    With their safety jeopardised by the recent arrival of Skaal, the resident python and the dry season soon approaching the two resident otters, Kobe and Kima make a difficult decision, they must leave the shores of Jao.