Shark Attack Stories

Shark Attack Stories

2 Seasons

Ever since Spielberg brought a giant Great White Shark onto the big screen, sharks have become a regular fixture in our nightmares.

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Shark Attack Stories
  • Shark Attack at Nahoon Beach.

    Episode 1

    Two Great White Sharks both attack a surfer at the same time. The Ainslie Brothers Shannon and Brandon avid surfers often surf at Nahoon Beach off the coast of East London, South Africa. Nahoon is both surfing and swimming paradise with some remarkable waves. High-level surfers naturally flock th...

  • Shark Attack at Port St Johns.

    Episode 2

    Shark Attack Stories - Port St Johns

    For the lifeguards on the now infamous beach, sharks have become a very real and terrifying danger.

    Four of them – Siyivulile Diyamane, Siphosoxolo Njiva, Sizwe Dusubana and William James – have either witnessed the nine attacks, tried to help some of th...

  • Spear Fishermen Gets attack by Great White Shark.

    Episode 3

    Spear fishermen Tommy Botha and Edward Hayman share their Great White attack stories. Both have a narrow escape but is very happy to be alive.