The Great African Wildlife Rescue

The Great African Wildlife Rescue

13 Episodes

Travelling deep into the heart of Africa, the Great African Wildlife Rescue captures the intense and dramatic experiences of revered wildlife veterinarian Doctor Cobus Raath and two veterinary volunteers, as they risk their lives to save the continents most iconic and dangerous animals.

The Great African Wildlife Rescue
  • GAWR01 - Experience of a Lifetime

    Episode 1

    Ellen Rogers assists Dr Cobus Raath in capturing a white rhinoceros and, to her surprise, she's handed a dart gun to tranquillize the massive animal. While the rhino is temporarily unconscious, she and Raath drill holes in its horns and insert microchips as a way for authorities to track poachers.

  • GAWR02 - Follow the Leader

    Episode 2

    Ellen and Jorge have an eventful encounter with a herd of wildebeests.

  • GAWR03 - Two Tall Tales

    Episode 3

    Complications arise when Ellen and Jorge are given the task of capturing two adolescent giraffes.

  • GAWR04 - When Elephants Escape

    Episode 4

    Treating elephants in the wild when an elephant herd breaks out of the Kruger National Park.

  • GAWR05 - Never Underestimate your Opponent

    Episode 5

    Ellen Rogers and Dr Cobus Raath try to herd a group of South African Gemsbok antelope.

  • GAWR06 - Two Breaths, Then Nothing

    Episode 6

    Black rhinos survive in parks and protected areas.

  • GAWR07 - Under the Cover of Darkness

    Episode 7

    A village has a hyena problem, which Jorge and Ellen attempt to solve under the cover of darkness; and Ellen assists in immunizing male lions.

  • GAWR08 - The Waiting Game

    Episode 8

    Hippos are fierce and dangerous animals; Ellen and Jorge help relocate a hippo herd a citrus farmer's dam.

  • GAWR09 - Size Doesn’t Matter

    Episode 9

    Oxpecker birds get sick from eating parasites off of big-game animals.

  • GAWR10 - Too Close For Comfort

    Episode 10

    The park's elands (a breed of antelope) must be herded and relocated to a sanctuary.

  • GAWR11 - A Family Affair

    Episode 11

    Scientists at Kruger National Park in South Africa study the use of hormonal implants in female elephants as a form of birth control.

  • GAWR12 - Not Everything Is Black and White

    Episode 12

    A herd of Burchell's zebras is relocated to West Coast National Park in South Africa; and blesbok antelope are rescued.

  • GAWR13 - One Last Wild Ride

    Episode 13

    Transporting two male wild dogs for participation in a breeding program, and populating an area with roan antelope.