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Watch this video and more on Lion Mountain TV

Most Amazing Animals

MAA06 - Cape Clawless Otter

Season 1, Episode 6 • 7m 40s

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    In Zambia’s Luangwa Valley, the dry season has all but drained the life force of the once mighty river. Leaving a trail of isolated ox bows in its wake. The shrinking waters are the last refuge for the plentiful fish left behind. And a buffet offering for the hundreds of Nile crocodiles and vario...

  • MAA08 - Fishing Eagle

    In the high emerald canopies of the Luangwa valley, resides a breeding pair of African fish eagles. The iconic continental bird species and master ambush predators, the pair spends less than 10 minutes hunting each day. Even with two hungry chicks to feed back at their nest. But as the winter dry...

  • MAA09 - The Black-backed Jackals

    On the plains of Chobe in Northern Botswana, a male black backed jackal must take his life in his hands darting within the grasp of bone crushing jaws on a daily basis to earn himself a meagre meal. With three hungry pups eagerly awaiting his return to their den sight, he cannot afford to fail. A...